Favor (Acoustic Demo 'FAVOR' Live Recording) JPCC Worship/True Worshippers

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Here is the title track for FAVOR Live Recording March 21st 2012 at Istora Senayan. The favor of God lasts a lifetime (Psalm 30:5). Let's learn the song and worship together at the recording!

Music & Lyrics by Sidney Mohede
Copyright ©2012 Insight Unlimited Publishing


Verse 1:
There is a song in every silence
There is a dawn in every darkness
There is a hope in every pain

There is a spring in every winter
Even in doubt there is believing
Through every season You are near
Verse 2:
You satisfy our deepest hunger
You broke the bond and set us free
You gave us life eternally

Jesus the name that calms our fears
Only in You our sorrows cease
Your love has won and now we see

Oh Your favor and Your grace Lord
Last a lifetime
Last a lifetime

You are faithful
You are faithful


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