Mandisa - Good News (Audio)



I been quiet for way too long
I can't fight it no, no more
Got a story and it's time to tell
‘Cause I just can't, just can't keep it to myself
Somebody give me a microphone or a megaphone or a telephone
I gotta share it
You're gonna clap your hands, gonna wanna dance when you hear it

Good news
Got that old made new
Got that joy coming through
Got me feeling alright
Good news
Got that skip in my step
Feel that beat in my chest
Got that love in my life
I’m talking good, good news

I been praying (how long)
For so, so long
Believing (for what)
That day would come
He heard me (yes, He did)
And He pulled me out
He put me right here for such a time as now

Come on, clap your hands
Do that funky dance

If you got it, share it
If you need it, receive it
Come on, tell everyone that it's all about good news
So much pain in the world
Dark in the world
Sure could use a little light in the world
So come on, tell me Your good news

Music video by Mandisa performing Good News. (C) 2017 Sparrow Records



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